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Welcome to the Steinschneider Home Page
(A website dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of our genealogy.)

Family News in 1999:

12/20/1999 Updated the Vienna Steinschneiders outline report with new data from Helga Köplinger. Also, from now on, when deportation date and/or destination are known, the information will be included in the outline tree.

12/05/1999 Added a comprehensive update to the Rabbi Gabriel Steinschneider outline report  (Lineage 1). Thanks to Erich Lewitus (descendant of Gabriel Steinschneider) and his connection at the Czech Archives, we have been able to corroborate information that had originally been passed down to us by Pierre Séguy (Otto Steinschneider) from Marie-Louise Steinschneider. We have also found and included a cornucopia of additional data.

11/09/1999 Today we were contacted by Hans-Joachim Goldschmidt from Berlin, Germany. His family represents a branch of the Prossnitz Steinschneiders, descended from Aaron Steinschneider, on which I have only limited information. Hopefully, with Hans-Joachim's help, we will be able to connect his Steinschneiders to one of our other larger lines. A new Steinschneider/Goldschmidt/Ehrenstamm outline, which shows information acquired by my sister Isabelle Steinschneider at the Leo Baeck Library; 129 E. 73rd Street; in New York City 10021, can be found in a new outline report.

10/29/1999 Spoke to Robin Steinshnider of Texas tonight. Thanks to SL Higginbottom, we have discovered another line of Russian Steinschneiders. A new outline has been added with information provided to me by Robin and her father Alan Steinshnider (notice the variant Steinschneider spelling). More information on this new part of "the family" will be posted shortly.

10/27/1999 Included photographs of Irma Steinschneider sent to me by Erich Lewitus.

10/26/1999 Added a picture sent to me by Eva Lewitus in Peru of what appears to be a family or town gathering. Also, thanks to SL Higginbottom's sharp Internet eye, we have discovered a Robin Steinschneider in Texas. More news on Robin when it becomes available. 

10/08/1999 Posted the first family picture on the "Family Pictures" page. More photos will be added as they become available. Please submit pictures if you have not already done so and let me know what may or may not be posted on this site.

10/05/1999 Added a (presumed) photograph of Julie Brammer, the wife of Gabriel Steinschneider, with her daughters, Elsa, Olga, and Irma, and her grandchildren. Thanks go to recently discovered cousin Erich Lewitus for the picture. Erich's own genealogical website can be accessed by going here.

09/28/1999 The descendants of Gabriel Steinschneider, who had been in a separate outline report, have now been combined into Outline 1. Thanks to Marie-Louise Steinschneider's book Moritz Steinschneider: Briefwechsel mit seiner Verlobten Auguste Auerbach 1845-1849 we were able to confirm that Moritz Steinschneider had a brother named Gabriel. Additional information on the descendants of Gabriel can be found at Erich Lewitus' website. Thanks again to Helga Köpplinger for sending me the Moritz Steinschneider book from Vienna.

09/24/1999 Updated links on the biographies page and modified the HTML structure of the site's left side navigation bar. The navigation bar will now be consistent throughout the site.

08/13/1999 Again, thanks to Helga Köpplinger and Anna Schafer on location in Vienna, we now have additional information on Siegfied Steinschneider and Dr. Moriz Steinschneider, Hanussen's father and grandfather.

08/10/1999 Moved the geography section from my old server over to the Steinschneider.com domain.

08/09/1999 Thanks to Helga Köpplinger as well as Anna Schafer and their tireless efforts, we have found and posted a picture of Isaias Steinschneider (1836-1892)! Also updated the Connecticut Steinschneider outline to reflect new discoveries made by Helga Köpplinger in Vienna.

08/02/1999 Finished posting Paul Tabori's Hanussen biography. Will shortly have additional reference and analytical material on "Uncle Herman". Also, new genealogical information provided by cousin Helga Köpplinger in Vienna will be posted shortly.

08/02/1999 Began posting Paul Tabori's 1968 short biography on Erik Jan Hanussen (Herman Steinschneider).

07/15/1999 Added a new Prostejov Steinschneider genealogical outline (Lineage 3). Posted Moritz Steinschneider's biography from the Jewish Encyclopedia.

07/13/1999 It is with great sadness that we announce the death of Tom Stonier. He passed away on June 13, 1999. He will be missed. His reprinted obituary can be found here.

07/09/1999 Added a picture of Erik Jan Hanussen (Herman Steinschneider). Added a picture to Antonia Steinschneider's (Schafer) page. Created and added a photo to Emma Schafer's page. Also added a picture to Marguerite Schafer's page. Thank you for the pictures Helga.

07/04/1999 Posted the new Hanussen genealogy in the outline reports section. Thanks again to Helga for the information that made the new Hanussen outline possible.

06/30/1999 Once more updated the outline report for the Vienna Steinschneiders. Also added links to many photographs sent to me by Helga Köpplinger.

06/29/1999 Again updated the outline report for the Vienna Steinschneiders with new information acquired from a new-found relative in Austria. Welcome to the family Helga Köpplinger (great-great-granddaughter of Isaias Steinschneider).

01/10/1999 Updated the outline report for the Vienna Steinschneiders.

01/09/1999 Added an outline report for the Russian Steinschneiders.

01/02/1999 Congratulations to Pierre Séguy (née Otto Steinschneider) who was just named "Chevalier de la Légion D'honneur", the highest honor awarded in France.

01/02/1999 Due to our Steinschneider genealogical research, the descendants of brother and sister Isidor Steinschneider and Antonia Steinschneider have been reunited.