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Herbert Steinschneider


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Welcome to the Steinschneider Home Page
(A website dedicated to unraveling the mysteries of our genealogy.)

Family News in 2000:

12/28/2000 It has just come to our attention that SL Higginbottom has become a grandfather with the birth of Catherine Logan Marie Higginbottom  in April of 2000. Congratulations to the family for this wonderful new addition. For information on the Higginbottom family, visit the "Descendants of Selig Steinschneider" outline report.

12/15/2000 The photos of Steinschneider tombstones at the Vienna Jewish cemetery, graciously contributed by cousin Helga Köpplinger, have finally been posted to the "Unclassified Family" section.

12/15/2000 Thanks to Fair Higginbottom and SL Higginbottom a photo of their grandfather, Richard Steinschneider, has been added in the biographies and pictures section.

11/13/2000 Added a biography on Edmund Husserl extracted from the Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The author, Dr. Marianne Sawicki, kindly gave us permission to re-publish the material. A photo of Husserl will be posted to the biography page shortly.

Again, thanks to the efforts of our indefatigable cousin Helga Köpplinger, a wonderful cache of Steinschneider tombstone photos from the Jewish cemetery in Vienna will be posted to this site soon.

10/05/2000 Modified the order and structure of the outline reports. The different lineages are now classified by country and patriarch. Additional Polish lines will published shortly, thanks to the help of a newly-found Steinschneider descendant.

09/03/2000 Added photos of the author of this site, his wife, one of his sisters, his mother, and his step-relatives in the "Family Pictures" section.

08/27/2000 New pictures of the reunion between Helga Köpplinger and our aunt Erika Steinschneider Fuchs (Erik Jan Hanussen's daughter) have been posted to the "Family Pictures" section

08/06/2000 Thanks to the work of cousins SL Higginbottom and Helga Köpplinger, we have been able to contact and speak with aunt Erika Steinschneider Fuchs, the daughter of Erik Jan Hanussen (Hermann Steinschneider). More information about this incredible reunion will be posted to this site as information becomes available. For more information on Erik Jan Hanussen follow this link.

08/04/2000 New pictures of the young Connecticut Steinschneider clan have been added here.

04/11/2000 Incorporated a new, more attractive, and more powerful search engine into the site.

04/10/2000 Added information on the Steinschneiders of Hungary in 1891.

04/07/2000 Added a new "Steinschneider Facts" section. Also posted photographs of the "Steinschneider Avenue" in Tel-Aviv to this new area. 

02/14/2000 New information submitted by Hans-Joachim Goldschmidt has allowed us to comprehensively expand the Aaron Steinschneider outline report.

02/03/2000 Thanks to a submission from Fair Higginbottom, we have posted a photograph of the former mayor of Hastings-on-Hudson, William Steinschneider. A biography sent to us by the Hastings-on-Hudson historical society will be posted shortly.

Added a search engine. Now researchers can scan the entire Steinschneder.com website for specific names, dates, etc.

02/01/2000 Re-indexed the "family picture" and identified various family members based on information given to Erich Lewitus by Vera Valhala (Vera Bachrach).

01/27/2000 Thanks to new information provided by cousin Erich Lewitus, we have identified all the members in the Julie Brammer (nee Steinschneider) photograph.

01/26/2000 New information has been posted at the "family picture". This photograph had previously been submitted to me by Eva and Erich Lewitus. Thanks to one of the people in the photograph (Vera Valhala) we are now able to identify several family members.

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